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The Birthday Party: About Us

Their two decade old friendship all started at one birthday party...

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Trains on the Move was established in 2001 by Bruce Sherman in Torrance, California. He tirelessly laid the track, built the station and created this amazing trackless train company that has served all of Los Angeles and surrounding areas for decades. Bruce created many wonderful relationships with everyone (see below past customers) including a friendship with my wife Elizabeth Sheldon Martin.

About the same time Bruce established Trains on the Move, Elizabeth established Your Magical Party Inc. They met at a birthday party that they were both hired to entertain at. Afterwards, they began seeing each other at the same birthday parties, festivals, and corporate events and developed a true friendship. Bruce still calls her Cinderella today because that was the original character she was playing at that event. The twenty year friendship continued as Elizabeth exclusively began booking Trains on the move for all her clients that needed Trains, Animal Rides and Rock walls. Bruce never failed.

In 2021 Bruce told us he had his fill of kids birthday parties and was selling the business and going to pursue a well deserved retirement. We immediately jumped at the opportunity and took over ownership in 2022, creating Trains on the Move Inc. The same business crafted by Bruce running now out of Santa Clarita. We are humbled by the opportunity and can attest to the hard work and tireless effort that Bruce put into Trains on the Move. Bruce continues to advise us today and we are grateful for his depth of knowledge in all things.

Rock and Roll

Trains on the Move Inc is a kids party orientated business. While we tailor our business towards kids and their birthday parties, we actually service everyone from, churches, schools, universities, festivals, fairs, corporations, and municipalities. Trains are so versatile and have a great nostalgia about them. They virtually work with any party theme or event.

Our 8 Trains have serviced Los Angeles for decades in many different capacities, from being the main focus of the event to being the event shuttle transportation. We love talking with all the passengers and developing a positive friendly atmosphere, and whenever we can throw a figure 8 in our route, we seal the deal with everyone that a train is not only memorable but fun!

There are other train companies out there and we work with them when a customer needs a train outside of our service area. Most customers thank us for the referral but come back to us later and say it was fun but your trains are a different kind of fun. Its true, many train companies want to connect you to the nostalgic train experience, we want to connect the past to today. We want your ride to feel like more like a theme park experience (maybe that is why we do the Disney corporate events). While we are only capable of a safe 5 mph, that is enough to give you a family friendly fun ride. We have heard customers say it as, "they [other train companies] are like a old orchestra and you [Trains on the Move] are like a rock and roll concert!" We will take it!! We love the oldies but when we party...there's only rock in roll.

trackless train

Past Customers

Book us and become one of our preferred customers and enjoy the company of the great clients that we have had the privilege of working with in the past!

Movie Stars

  • Jessica Alba and family
  • Gwen Stefani and family
  • Adam Sandler and family
  • Jack Black and family
  • Matthew McConaughey and family
  • Rob Schneider
  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Family
  • and more...

Churches and Temples

  • Abundant Living Family Church - Rancho Cucamonga
  • American Martyr's School - Manhattan Beach
  • Chabad of Ventura - Ventura
  • Children of our Savior Lutheran Church - Westchester
  • Culver City Montessori - Culver City
  • Emek Hebrew Academy - Sherman Oaks
  • First Baptist School/Church - Canoga Park
  • Hope Chapel - Hermosa Beach
  • Our Lady of Malibu Church - Malibu
  • Saint Bernard Church - Bellflower
  • Saint John Chrysostom Church - Inglewood
  • Vineyard Community Church - La Habra
  • and more...

Businesses and Companies

  • Del Mar Country Club - Rancho Santa Fe
  • Direct TV - Culver City
  • Happy Madison - Culver City
  • The Home Depot Center - Carson
  • Marriot Hotel Burbank Airport - Burbank
  • Newport Coast Community Association - Newport Coast
  • Peninsula Center - Rolling Hills Estates
  • TBWA CHAIT DAY - Culver City
  • and more...

Farmers Markets

  • Manhattan Beach Farmers Market
  • Playa Vista Farmers Market
  • West Los Angeles Farmers Market
  • Westchester Farmers Market
  • and more...

Schools and Daycare

  • Children of our Savior School - Westchester
  • Culver-Palms Family YMCA - Culver City
  • Dolores Street Elementary School - Carson
  • Good Shepherd Preschool Church - San Pedro
  • Grace Lutheran Preschool - Huntington Beach
  • International Christian Montessori Academy of Newport - Costa Mesa
  • Palos Verdes Unified School District
  • Valmonte Sunrise School - Palos Verdes Estates
  • Renaissance Preschool - Arleta
  • Rolling Hills Prep School - San Pedro
  • Saint Bernardine Children Center - Woodland Hills
  • Sherman Oaks Lutheran Children's Center - Sherman Oaks
  • Valmonte Sunrise School - Palos Verdes Estates
  • Knowledge Learning Centers/Kindercare - Daycare/Schools Southern California
  • First Flight - LA Westchester
  • Kindercare of Paseo Westpark - Irvine
  • Kindercare Learning Center - Los Angeles
  • Kindercare Learning Center - San Fernando
  • Kindercare Learning Center - Walnut
  • Rancho Los Amigos - Downey
  • and more...


  • City of Colinga
  • City of El Segundo
  • City of Huntington Park
  • City of Huntington Beach
  • City of Manhattan Beach
  • City of Newport Beach
  • City of Palos Verdes Estates
  • City of Rolling Hills Estates
  • City of Rosemead
  • City of West Hollywood
  • City of Upland
  • City of Santa Clarita
  • and more...


  • Friendship Circle - Manhattan Beach
  • New Way of Life - Hawthorne
  • San Fernando Valley Coalition on Gangs - Van Nuys
  • and more...

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