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Party Train Safety

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Company Safety

Your safety is our utmost priority, and we want to ensure that your journey on our trackless train is both enjoyable and secure. Here are some key points that highlight the safety measures we have in place:

  • Controlled Speed: Our trackless train operates at a maximum speed of 5mph, ensuring a comfortable and controlled ride for passengers of all ages.
  • Seat Belts: Every passenger is provided with seat belts to ensure that everyone remains securely seated throughout the ride.
  • Professional Drivers: Our drivers are extensively trained and supported by our onsite staff. This ensures that they are well-equipped to handle the train, manage unexpected situations, and prioritize passenger safety at all times.
  • Road Etiquette: Our drivers are trained to pull the train to the side of the road and signal for cars to pass, ensuring a smooth interaction with other road users.
  • Hill Handling: Our drivers are trained to safely avoid or navigate hills, making the experience comfortable and secure for passengers. (see hills and slopes below)
  • Age-Appropriate Driving: Our drivers are skilled in tailoring the ride experience for different age groups, ensuring that passengers of all ages can enjoy the journey. Our golden rule is: drive appropriately for the youngest or oldest individual on the train.
  • Passenger Enjoyment: Our drivers are trained to make the ride enjoyable for all passengers, creating a fun and memorable experience.

Customer Assisted Safety

In order to maintain safety standards, we kindly request your cooperation with the following requirements:

  • Sidewalk Access: We require a minimum of 20 feet of sidewalk access to safely pick up and drop off guests.
  • Line Management: Staff or volunteers are present to manage lines, ensuring an organized and safe boarding process. (mandatory for festivals and large events)
  • Passenger Limits: For safety reasons, each seat can accommodate either 3 children weighing less than 60lbs or 2 adults.
  • Infant Safety: For babies weighing less than 20lbs, we recommend seating them on the lap of an adult, with the adult wearing the seatbelt over their lap and the infant secured accordingly.

Rest assured, we've implemented these measures to provide you with a secure and delightful experience aboard our trackless train. Your safety and enjoyment are at the heart of what we do.

Regarding Hills and Slopes

At our railway, we do not operate on hills due to braking system limitations. Train engineers are trained to handle small unforeseen slopes safely. We do not schedule trains on slopes and our engineers prioritize safety over customer demands. The potential liability is not worth compromising passenger and crew well-being.

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