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Choo Choo Train Ride FAQ

Here are some answers to some common choo choo train ride questions.

  • What is a trackless train?

    A trackless train is a road-travelling Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) designed to resemble a traditional train but operates without tracks. It's perfect for events, parties, and festivals, offering a fun and unique transportation experience.
  • How are ride times calculated?

    Ride times are determined by factors such as the number of passengers, event duration, and customer interest. We aim to offer flexible ride times that fit your event's schedule.
  • How do you choose the routes for the rides?

    We select routes based on a combination of safety considerations, customer preferences, and scenic attractions. Our goal is to ensure an enjoyable and secure journey while showcasing the best views possible.
  • What's included in your safety measures?

    Our safety measures include controlled speeds (maximum 5mph), seat belts for all passengers, well-trained professional drivers, road etiquette, and a focus on passenger enjoyment while adhering to safety guidelines.
  • Are your drivers experienced?

    Absolutely, our drivers are extensively trained and supported by our onsite staff. They are skilled in maneuvering the trackless train and handling unexpected situations to prioritize passenger safety.
  • Can the trackless train be customized for themed events?

    Absolutely! We can work with you to customize the train's appearance to match the theme of your event, making it an even more immersive and memorable experience for your guests.
  • What happens in case of bad weather?

    Safety is our top priority. In the event of inclement weather, we will assess the situation and make a decision based on safety considerations. We'll work with you to reschedule if necessary.
  • Can you accommodate large events and festivals?

    Certainly! We have experience in handling events of all sizes, from small gatherings to large festivals. Our team can assist with line management and ensure a smooth experience for all attendees.
  • What are the requirements for hosting a trackless train event?

    For a seamless experience, your event location should have the necessary space (20 or 25 feet for turns, depending on train size), suitable terrain (smooth, well-maintained), and accessible sidewalks for passenger pickup and drop-off.
  • Do you operate on hills or slopes?

    For safety reasons, we avoid hills due to braking limitations. Our drivers are trained to handle small slopes, but we don't schedule rides on hilly terrains.
  • Can I have my event at a park?

    Sure, but remember each park has its own rules about trackless trains. We do not drive on grass or dirt, so you'll need to check with the park to ensure the terrain is suitable for our vehicles. The customer is responsible for obtaining any necessary permits and permissions from the park.
  • Can you drive around my driveway

    We're sure your driveway is awesome but ensure the following before booking a trackless train ride: 1) The driveway is at least 20 feet wide and 2) The driveway is smooth and well-maintained.3) The driveway is free of obstacles such as low-hanging branches, parked cars, and other obstructions. 4) The driveway is free of steep slopes and hills. 5) The driveway is not cobblestone or irregular pavers.
  • How do I book a trackless train ride for my event?

    Booking is easy! You can either fill out the online booking form on our website or contact our team directly. We'll guide you through the process and provide you with all the necessary information.
  • What are travel fees, and how are they calculated?

    Travel fees cover the cost of transporting our trains to your event location. They vary based on your location, event timing, and travel time required. Contact us for a quote specific to your event.
  • Can I show appreciation to the train engineer?

    Absolutely, showing appreciation is encouraged! If you've had a great time on the ride, consider tipping the engineer as a token of your gratitude. It's a wonderful way to acknowledge their efforts and dedication.
  • What age groups can enjoy the trackless train?

    Our trackless train rides are designed to be enjoyed by passengers of all ages. Our drivers are skilled in tailoring the ride experience to cater to different age groups, ensuring everyone has a great time.
  • How far in advance should I book a trackless train for my event?

    It's recommended to book as early as possible to secure your preferred date and time. Popular dates tend to fill up quickly, so contacting us well in advance ensures availability for your event.

Customers often choose

trackless train

12 Passenger Birthday Express

$350 + travel
Climb aboard our 12-passenger Trackless Train, where old-time charm meets modern-day celebrations, offering an unforgettable one-hour ride for intimate birthday gatherings of 50 or fewer passengers.
  • Time: 1 hour
  • Size: 12 Seats
trackless train

18 Passenger Trackless Express

$425 + travel
Climb aboard our 18-passenger Trackless Express, perfect for enhancing the atmosphere of larger events hosting around 100 passengers, promising multiple captivating journeys for one-hour
  • Time: 1 Hour
  • Size: 18 Seats
trackless train

18 Passenger Track Master

$550 + travel
Immerse yourself in the allure of our 18-passenger TrackMaster, granting an extended 1.5-hour rail experience for gatherings of over 100 passengers, ensuring unforgettable memories infused with the timeless charm of trains
  • Time: 1.5 hours
  • Size: 18 Seats
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